Obsession - the crying game

On 5 September 1985, the British tabloid newspaper The Sun reported that an Essex firefighter claimed that undamaged copies of the painting were frequently found amidst the ruins of burned houses. [1] He stated that no firefighter would allow a copy of the painting into his own house. [ citation needed ] Over the next few months, The Sun and other tabloids ran several articles on house fires suffered by people who had owned the painting. [ citation needed ]

The non-clinical connotation of "obsessions", on the other hand, refers to a disproportionate or unusual focus on something. For instance, someone can be obsessed with gardening or Facebook , or going to the gym. It simply means they pay more attention than most people to something, even most people who are interested in something. This is when obsessions can be more than healthy: nobody who has ever achieved anything impressive or made an outstanding contribution to anything, has managed to do so without a certain level of obsessiveness. You can be a gifted footballer, for instance, but unless you practice obsessively you will never make it to the premier league. You can be a gifted musician, a talented cook, or a natural speaker, but unless you work on both your strengths and weaknesses you will end up being a wasted talent t worst, or an underachiever at best. And this also applies to your ability to influence other people, not just yourself.

Obsession - The Crying GameObsession - The Crying GameObsession - The Crying GameObsession - The Crying Game